About Megacold

Megacold are the certified agents for the S&A's recirculating water chillers here in the UK. S&A Teyu are recognised worldwide and is a brand known for their intuitive manufacturing of cooling solutions used within a variety of sectors. More recently, this includes the laser engraving industry where the water chillers are connected to a tooling machine. 

We also stock the SPT laser tubes which is a highly reputable brand which complements our range of water chillers. You will find a selection of the 'T' and 'C' series c02 laser tubes on our online store and are perfectly suited to startup's, well established laser engraving companies and even your schools Design and Technology department.  


The Megacold team has been involved in industrial cooling for over 40 years. Working in a range of applications from vacuum metallisation to laser engraving we have gained vast experience and knowledge along the way. From sizing the correct chiller to remedial repair work, we can supply a complete solution to your water cooling needs. Megacold do provide worldwide sales and support where required. If you need international shipping you may find a better shipping option if you head across to our Megatech EU or DE website to find a local warehouse to you.


We provide full after sales support for all our product range. Our dedicated team have decades of experience within the industry. Your chiller will provide reliable and stable cooling when you need it most, prolonging the efficiency of your laser component. Why not give us a go and upgrade from that bucket of water and pond pump you've been using!

Company Registered Address: Littleton Drive, Huntington, Cannock, England, WS12 4TS

Contact Us - info@megacold.uk.com